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Address: 'RAJRANI TOWER', H-1-6, IT Park , I.P. Industrial Area , Road No,-4 Jhalawar Road,kota-324005 (Raj.),kota
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Pavitra Classes
Discover your success start where you are and learn Basic Communication Skills 10 days How to Face interview Successfully 10 days Self improvement 10 days Registration open Timing 11 to 12 Am & 5 to 6 Pm

Address: Satya Niketan Secondary School , Dadabari Chota Chauraha , Kota (Raj.),kota
Contact Person:Smita
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Sai Tirupati University , Udaipur
Sai Tirupati University is located in the city known as – “Venice of East”, Udaipur. it established by Rajasthan state legislative assembly and as per sec 2 (F) of UGC Act 1956 and promoted by global health research and management institute, Udaipur. Sai Tirupati University is developing as a global knowledge hub for medicine, dental, pharmacy, Para-medical sciences etc. We established this university with a vision to transform our students into being competent and responsible making them ready to take on the future with utmost confidence. The greatest strength of our university is its innovative approach to learning and education. We work closely with the students to help grow a rich academic environment at par with international standards of excellence in order to build a generation of exceptional individuals who will contribute towards the growth of the country.

Address: : Ambua Road, Village Umarda, Tehsil Girwa, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313003 Founded: 2016,udaipur (rajasthan)
Contact Person:Sai Tirupati University , Udaipur
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Pavitra Classes In Dadabari Kota
pavitra classes dadabari kota discover your success start where you are and learn basic communication skill in 10 days. how to face interview successfully in 10 days. self improvement in 10 days. start your classes today Registration open Timing 11 to 12 Am & 5 to 6 pm contact - 9958024666 Address - satya Niketan Senior Secondary School Dadabari Chota chauraha ,kota Raj.

Address: Satya Niketan Senior Secondary School Dadabari Chota Chauraha ,kota Raj,kota
Contact Person: Sunita
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Admission open Regular Course - Ph.D & MA: jainology and comparative religion & philosophy , sanskrit nonviolence & peace political science yoga & sol msw , english ,MED , Ug:- B. A Bsc Bed Ba Bsc"

Address: Ladnun, Rajasthan 341306,rajasthan
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SRMS Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute Of Medical Science , Bareilly
Admission open psychlatry radiation oncology anaesthesia pathology pre- clinicl disciplines last date for admission 31 may 2019

Address: 13.2 Km Milestone On Bareilly - Nainital Road, Bhojipura Bareilly , (up) India
Contact Person:SRMS Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute Of Medical Science , Bareilly
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Indian Institute Of Space Science And Technology
Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), situated at Thiruvananthapuram is a Deemed to be University under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956. IIST functions as an autonomous body under the Department of Space, Government of India. The idea of such an institute was mooted keeping in mind the need for high quality manpower for the Indian Space Research Organization, one of world’s leading scientific organizations engaged in space research and space applications. The institute is the first of its kind in the country, to offer high quality education at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral levels on areas with special focus to space sciences, space technology and space applications. IIST was formally inaugurated on 14 September 2007 by Dr. G. Madhavan Nair, the then Chairman, ISRO and was temporarily housed in the premises of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, very close from where ISRO built and launched its first rocket. Both the founding fathers of the institute, Dr G Madhavan Nair and Dr B.N. Suresh, the latter being the first Director of IIST, played a very important role in the formation of the institute, facilitating its establishment and contributing to its vision. Dr B.N. Suresh piloted the institute from the conception of the idea to its realization in a permanent campus near Thiruvananthapuram in 2010. The institute had the enviable reputation among all educational institutions since it had Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the renowned technocrat and former President of India as its very first Chancellor. Prof U.R.Rao, the eminent space scientist and one of the former Chairman, ISRO guided the institute as its second Chancellor with distinction for two years from 2015 to 2017. Dr B.N. Suresh, the founder Director of IIST has assumed charge as the institute’s third Chancellor since November 2017. Under the guidance of Dr. K Radhakrishnan and Shri A. S. Kiran Kumar (former Secretaries DoS / Chairman ISRO) as Chairman, Board of Management, IIST and Chairman, Governing Council, IIST, respectively, the previous Director, Dr. K. S. Dasgupta led the institute to achieve its mission of creating a unique learning environment enriched by the challenges of the Space exploration, by nurturing the spirit of innovation and creativity. IIST was judged as the eighth ranked University among all Deemed Universities in 2016 in the first National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) by MHRD. Dr K Sivan has assumed charge as Secretary, DoS in January 2018 and IIST is looking forward to Dr Sivan and the present Director Dr V.K. Dadhwal to take the institute to the next higher level of excellence. In the year 2017, IIST was ranked 28th among all engineering institutes, 35th among all universities and 56th overall among all institutions by MHRD in its second NIRF ranking.

Address: Trivantpuram ,trivanpuram
Contact Person:Indian Institute Of Space Science And Technology
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जगद्गुरु रामानन्दाचार्य राजस्थान संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय
अनादिकाल से भारत देश ज्ञानोपासना का केन्द्र रहा है । यह शाब्दी साधना ऋषियों के अनहद में मुखरित होती हुई साक्षात् श्रुति-स्वरूप में इस धरा पर अवतीर्ण हुई । यह विश्वविदित तथ्य है कि ऋग्वेद मानव के पुस्तकालय की सर्वप्रथम् पुस्तक है । ऋचाओं की अर्चना, सामगानों की झंकृति, यजुर्मन्त्रों के यजन तथा आथर्वणों के शान्ति-कर्मों से भारतीय प्रज्ञा पल्लवित और पुष्पित हुई । वेदों की श्रुति - परम्परा ने अपने ज्ञान का प्रसार करते हुए उपनिषद्, अष्टादश पुराण, शिक्षा-कल्प-निरुक्त-व्याकरण-ज्योतिष-छन्द, योगतन्त्र, षडदर्शन, रामायण, महाभारत, ललित काव्य, नीतिकाव्य आदि का अमूल्य वाङ्मय सर्वजनहिताय, सर्वजनसुखाय विश्व को दिया । श्रमण परम्परा का बहुमूल्य वाङ्गमय भी संस्कृत में निहित है । इस बहुआयामी साहित्य के विकास के फलस्वरूप भारतीयों की प्रसिद्धि अग्रजन्मा के रूप में हुई तथा वेदों का ज्ञान भारतीय मनीषा का पर्याय बन गया । इस प्रकार भारतीय संस्कृति की संवाहिका होने का गौरव संस्कृत भाषा को जाता है ।संस्कृत के इस विशाल वाङ्मय की कालजयिता का यही रहस्य है कि सहस्त्राब्दियों से गुरुकुलों और ऋषिकुलों आदि में इसका अध्यापन होता रहा । इस गुरुशिष्य-परम्परा को सुनियोजित रूप देते हुए संस्कृत के अनेक अध्ययन केन्द्र देश भर में चलते रहे उसी परम्परा में ही 20 वीं सदी में अनेक संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय स्थापित हुए । उत्तरप्रदेश, बिहार, उड़ीसा, केरल, आंध्रप्रदेश आदि में संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय विगत कई वर्षों से चल रहे थे । इसी क्रम में राजस्थान संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय की स्थापना हेतु वर्षों से चल रहा प्रयास वर्ष 2001 में सफल हुआ । सम्पूर्ण संस्कृत वाङ्मय के साङ्गोपाङ्ग अध्ययन और अध्यापन का संचालन करने, सतत विशेषज्ञीय अनुसंधान और उससे आनुषंगिक अन्य विषयों की व्यवस्था करने तथा संस्कृत वाङ्मय में निहित ज्ञान-विज्ञान की अनुसंधान पर आधारित सरल वैज्ञानिक पद्धति से व्यावहारिक व्याख्या प्रस्तुत करने के साथ ही अन्य महत्त्वपूर्ण अनुसंधानों के परिणामों और उपलब्धियों को प्रकाश में लाने के उद्देश्य से राजस्थान राज्य में संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय की स्थापना के लिए राजस्थान संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय अधिनियम 1998 (1998 का अधिनियम 10) की अनुमति महामहिम राज्यपाल महोदय द्वारा दिनांक 2-9-1998 को दीगई । दिनांक 6 फरवरी, 2001 को राजस्थान संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय ने मूर्त्त रूप लिया जिसके प्रथम कुलपति पद्मश्री डॉ. मण्डन मिश्र नियुक्त किये गये । उपशासन सचिव, शिक्षा (ग्रुप - 6) द्वारा जारी आदेश क्र.प.(1) शिक्षा - 6/2000 दिनांक 27-06-2005 के अनुसार दिनांक 27-06-2005 से विश्वविद्यालय का नाम जगद्गुरू रामानन्दाचार्य राजस्थान संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय, जयपुर कर दिया गया है । मुख्योद्देश विभिन्न पाठ्यक्रमों के माध्यम से संस्कृत वाङ्मय के ज्ञान की शिक्षा देना । संस्कृत वाङ्मय और उसकी विभिन्न शाखाओं में अनुसंधान कार्य आरम्भ करना और उसका अभिवर्धन करना । संस्कृत वाङ्मय में विस्तारी शिक्षा - कार्यक्रम हाथ में लेना । संस्कृत महाविद्यालय के अध्यापकों को, उनके ज्ञान को अद्यतन करने के लिए प्रशिक्षण देना । शिक्षण - रीति - विज्ञान और शिक्षण-शास्त्र के अध्यापन में विशेषतः परिकल्पित अभिसंस्करण कार्यक्रम आयोजित करना । महामहिम कुलाधिपति महोदय की अध्यक्षता में 08-09-2004 को सम्पन्न कुलपति समन्वय समिति के कार्यवृत्त के बिन्दु 11 के अनुसार विश्वविद्यालय के उद्देश्यों की पूर्ति हेतु और समाज की आवश्यकताओं और अपेक्षाओं एवं उत्तम शिक्षा के अवसर उपलब्ध कराने की दृष्टि से विश्वविद्यालय के योजना और परिनिरीक्षण बोर्ड ने पांच वर्षीय दृष्टि पत्र (VISION DOCUMENT) तैयार किया । माननीय शिक्षा मंत्री श्री घनश्याम तिवाड़ी ने उसका अनुमोदन किया

Address: Madau BHanka - Muhana Link Road Jaipur (raj.) 302026 ,Rajasthan
Contact Person:जगद्गुरु रामानन्दाचार्य राजस्थान संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय
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Dr. Radhakrishnan Institute Of Technology(DRIT), Jaipur
Dr. Radhakrishnan Institute of Technology(DRIT), Jaipur established by “ Vinayak Raj Shikshan Santhan” in the year of 2009 to promote quality education in various disciplines of engineering viz Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Computer Science Engineering. The B- Tech programmes are duly approved by AICTE and affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. DRIT is proud of having highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members of international repute who have been instrumental in realizing the dream of providing world class technical education. They have a strong desire and willingness to impart knowledge and expand intellect of young and budding minds of the nation. It has produced students who are assets for the society and contribute untiringly and enthusiastically to make it a better world to live in. DRITT emphasizes on overall personality development of young and fertile minds through regular conduction of well structured Personality Development Programmes for Engineering students. Its training programmes inculcate strong, decisive & intuitive leadership qualities among students The DRIT impart modern, practical and research-based courses which will lead to the development of manpower which is employable and ready for industry. This in turn will drive the socio-economic upliftment of the region. DRIT is located near Mahindra SEZ Jaipur on a beautiful 13 Acre campus.

Address: Near Mahindra World City, Suratpura Road , Kalwara , Jaipur ,jaipur
Contact Person:Dr. Radhakrishnan Institute Of Technology(DRIT), Jaipur
Contact No.: 7891006902 | Email Us :
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Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University We need educated minds to change the world as it is education which replaces an empty mind with an open one. With growth of economy there has been phenomenal change all over the education system. The education system in India is going through a phase of transition from a product based system to more a process based system Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole - A name to reckon within the education sector. MJRP University is a Private University in Jaipur Rajasthan that runs courses in Bio Technology / Biotech, Ph. D., PG UG Programms, M. Sc. Agriculture Science & Technology, B. Sc. Honors Agriculture, MBA Agribusiness, Pharmacy, LLB, LLM, B. Tech. and Fashion Designing Courses in Jaipur. With a mission to impart women education, in 1993 Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole emerged as an educational institution in Jaipur Rajasthan. The name of the organization was given in the memory of a social reformer Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole, who worked for the emancipation of women. He was the profounder of women education, who worked day & night to bring social changes for alienated & deprived sections of the society. The organization is working on the same principle of women education & empowerment. Started with a small college in Arts and then and spreading its wings to MJRP College of Education, Ambassy Millennium Senior Secondary School, Ambassy School of Nursing, Human Resource College of Veterinary Science, MJRP College of Engineering & Technology, MJRP College of Corporate Management. University was established in 2009 sprawling over 100 acre of land at Jaipur-Delhi highway. The institution with various educational colleges has made astonishing strides in the field of education during the short span of time. Today, MJRP aims for the advancement of knowledge & education through excellence and leadership in Engineering, Architecture, Science, Arts, Commerce, Management, Information technology, Law, Agriculture, Home Science, Fashion Designing, Education, Health Care Science, Allied Sciences Journalism and related areas. Under the guidance of excellent faculty, one can explore both theoretical and practical courses that prepare you to meet the needs of an increasingly complex society. The infrastructure is dynamic as we are constantly striving to pace with the latest technology. The University is famous for its Bio Technology / Biotech, Ph. D., PG UG Programms, M. Sc. Agriculture Science & Technology, B. Sc. Honors Agriculture, MBA Agribusiness, Pharmacy, LLB, LLM, B. Tech. and Fashion Designing Courses in Jaipur Rajasthan. The teaching and research faculties of the University have highly qualified professionals, trained in their specialized areas. The University keeps the students informed about potential job opportunities and helps them in making prudent decisions for their future careers. It maintains and promotes close linkages and active contact with potential employers while involving their executives and facilitates their interaction with the students through lectures, discussions and classroom participat MJRP is Rajasthan’s first private University which is recognizes by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) as Scientific Industrial Research Organization (SIROs) Our University has collaboration with Macmillan Research Group, UK providing international scholarship opportunities & co-publication. 9929604024, 9929604026

Address: Ram Nagar Ext., New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur 302019 Rajasthan, INDIA. Toll Free No: 1800-21233-4444,Sodala, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019
Contact Person:Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University
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