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Sarvottam Career Institute Pvt. Ltd.
premier institute for pre- medical exams admission annoucement for NEET/AIIMS (Session2019-20) advanced enthuse course xi to xii moving students 9th january 2019 .yy enthuse course xi to xii moving students 1 april 2019. classes by DIRECTORS, VICE PRESIDENTS & SENIOR FACULTIES ONLY SPECIAL FEATURES study material prepared by highly experienced and national fame faculties . concepts building practice sheets (topic wise). regular tests with newly framed questions targeting NEET/AIIMS/BOARDS 2020. Special attention on NCERT . Board Pattern tests. Regular doubt classes . Regular revision classes . Personal care.

Address: 638 Cad Circle ,kota
Contact Person:Sarvottam Kota
Contact No.: 9602101448 | Email Us :
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