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Billabong High International School
Bring world class education to your city. kangaroo kids start your own school today over our 15+ years of association,what has amazed us is the quality of curriculum that keeps raising the bar for the industry. mrs. priti agarwal & mrs. kirti pasbola owners of 3 centres ( billabong high international school, kanpur). 43 cities 100000+ students 4 countries why start a billabong high international school?.legacy of 25 years establish since 1993.globally acclaimed curriculam based on neuroscience. tried & tested premium model.40+awards won across categories. all you need is (minimum requirements) billabong high international school desire to leave a legacy .2 acres of space .10-15 crores of investment. kangaroo kids international preschool passion for children.2500sq. ft. of space. 25 lakhs of investment. best k12 innovative curriculum pan india franchise india 2015.

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