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one entrance exam many institutes entrance exam for engineering 2019 . ERA Foundation : educational rating and assessment foundation is a non- profit that operates with a larger objective of enabling holistic improvement of the education sector through consultation and cooperation with key stakeholders including policy makers education institutions corporate sector and the student community. Uni gauge : a computer aided entrance evaluation platform ,uni-gauge has a pan india presence.the universities asscociated with the examination accept uni-gauge scores, as one of the criteria for admission .however they will have complete autonomy on their admission process. comedk : consortion of medical , engineering and dental colleges of karnataka is an autonomous institution consisting of senior academicians, reputed administrative officers who have been associated in educational eco system . COMEDK has been given resposibility to organize testing procedures that determine the merit of aspiring students in an effective fair transparent and non-exploitative procedure, by KPCF ( karnataka professional colleges foundation- medical & dental) and KUPECA(karnataka unaided private engineering colleges association).

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