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Mayur Public School
School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside...” - Lon Watters The above quote is the quintessence of what a school symbolizes. No wonder in ancient times a school building was equivalent to a “Temple....of wisdom”. Standing true to this spirit Mayur Public School, which is an amalgamation of efficient and dynamic professionals with state-of-art infrastructure is a space to nurture the budding talents of students. Mayur Public School can hold its head high with pride because we, at Mayur, believe that the quality of education is the primary ingredient in shaping up the career of a student, rest of the features, we count to be secondary.An educational system is not a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but does not teach them how to make a life. Mayur, being faithful to its aims has not only emerged as a premier educational institute in East Delhi but has also provided the society with responsible citizens serving notable departments and renowned organisations in the field of medicinal science, technology, journalism, jury and so on.... The school considers education a life- long process. The goal is to inculcate in the students a love for learning and a desire to excel at every level. To sum up, the mission of Mayur Public School is to equip the students with the intellectual and practical skills that are necessary to meet the challenges in the future.

Address: I P Extension , Delhi - 110092, Delhi - 110092
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