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Department of Technical Education(J&K) Department of Technical Education(J&K)The rapid Industrialization of the country needs more skilled man-power and the requirement of the such man-power has been increased manifolds in order to meet with this increased demand of the industry and to provide extensive employment to the youth by training them in various engineering & non-engineering trades. In the highly competitive age of today, the vast application of engineering and technology across all sector of society has become highly indispensable which hold premises for us to move fast, ahead in 21st century. Industrial training institute Udhampur is the first of its kind established in Udhampur worth 100% central grants. Industrial Training Institute Udhampur. Our mission is to train the youth into the skilled workers. The Department of ITI’s was renamed as Department of Technical Education in the year 1981. Post 1981 period saw an impressive increase in the Institutions run by the department .The Number of ITI’s increased from 21 to 46 amongst which 11 ITI’s have been established exclusively for women. These ITI’s are existing in every nook and corner of the state and providing training facilities in as many as 34 trades designated by national council for vocational training (NCVT)/ Director General, Employment and Training, GOI, New Delhi for the present as detailed in next slide. Skill development is key to promote employability & economic growth. • Only 13% of all university graduates are employable. • Only 5% of the youth are vocationally trained. • There is a need to build global skill workforce, as India is the youngest country with almost 54% population below 30 years. • The demographic surplus of India will be 47 million by year 2020. • Educated without professional skill constitutes 69% of the total unemployed.

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